Activities local to Thanet and the surrounding South East Kent area

Whether you are looking for an adventure holiday or to relax and enjoy the beach, there’s plenty to do at Beachcomber Glamping. Listed below are just a selection of the various activities you can experience during your Glamping holiday.

The Minnis

Our local bar and restaurant, just a 10-15 min walk along the Viking Coastal Trail by the sea. Here you can dine by the beach and enjoy the seaside views.

Vctbikes & Honey’z caf’e and beach bar 

If you want to involve cycling into your holiday why not try Vctbikes? Located next to the Minnis Bay Bar, here you can hire cycle and surrey bikes to take along the seaside Viking Coastal Trail.

Dreamland Margate

Dreamland is one of Kents most popular attractions. Amusement park, featuring lots of great rides, arcades, music and events.

The Shell Grotto

Located in Margate, debate has raged about the Grotto’s origins. Discovered by chance in 1835, the  subterranean Shell Grotto’s curving chalk walls are studded with 4.6 million shells. The Grotto is estimated to be 2000 years old.

Turner Contemporary

Art gallery in Margate

Quex Park

Located in Birchington, featuring various activities including paint-balling, airsoft, archery, Jungle Jims, craft village, adventure golf and much more. Perfect to keep the kids entertained on holiday.

Lost Island Adventure Golf

Indoor crazy golf, Margate.

Canterbury Cathedral

Considered one of the most important religious sites in Kent. Come to marvel at its stunning architecture and rich history, which includes the famous tale of Thomas Becket.


A 25 min drive, featuring another one of Thanet’s most beautiful beaches and plentiful restaurants


A 15 min drive, great beach and plenty of tourist attractions